Design beautiful templates, weave documents on
the fly, and fully automate your document
and email workflow.

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How Weaver can help you

Weaver is a template designer and document generation tool aimed at helping make it easier for your company to design and manage your documents in one place.

Not only can you design beautiful templates within Salesforce, but Weaver can then generate and automate the creation of documents, emails, and attachments based on your template designs.

What can you design?

With Weaver you can design all sorts of documents, from invoices and contracts, to brochures and magazines

With the power of Salesforce data you can generate and automate your designs to create bespoke documents tailored to your customers

Key Features

- No need for third-party word processors

- All stored and rendered on the platform

- Pull in any data from Salesforce into your designs

- Create reusable components for your designs

- Dynamically render any part of the document

- Version control across all your templates

- Output PDF, DOC, and HTML from one template

- Available for both Classic & Lightning

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You can try Weaver for free, for 30 days, no card required

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